Cool Snowboard classes

Everybody will have a blast on their snowboard at our fun and practice areas with different types of lifts. Our professionally trained snowboard instructors will support you building up or improve your skills. Accompanied by one of our instructors and participating in our manifold program you will be immediately hooked into this fascinating sport. Boarders with prior experience will get a lot of tips and tricks for the slopes, ungroomed terrain and fun parks.


Green 1 = Real beginner, no prior experience

Green 2 = Sliding sideways, move sideways, slowing and stopping, no turns

Blue 1 = Rope tows and T-Bar lifts, turns work partly on blue runs

Blue 2 = T-Bar lifts, secure turns on blue runs

Red 1 = Comfortable turns on red runs

Red 2 = Comfortable on red runs and some fun park experience

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