Kids & Teens

Our program for the 10 to 15 year old Kids and Teens is specially designed to accommodate their expectations. The main theme is FUN on Skis – whether on the beginners slope, the regular slopes, on ungroomed terrain or at the fun park! The Kids and Teens are very well taken care of and the parents may unwind and enjoy the winter wonderland around Steibis.

Sign up for the 5 day special package (valid Monday through Friday) for 195.-€.


Green 1 = Beginner, no previous experience

Green 2 = Able to slow down and stop, no turns

Blue 1 = Able to do turns on a blue run, experience with rope tows

Blue 2 = Intermediate Skier, experience with T-bar lifts

Red 1 = Does parallel turns on red slopes

Red 2 = Skis parallel on all slopes

Black 1 = skis comfortable on all types of slopes

Black 2 = skis comfortable outside of groomed slopes and in parks